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    Hello NICK could you check on a great uncle of mine his name is David Edwards service number 3123 joined welsh guards about 1916 he has 2 w w 1 medals would like to know where he was stationed  many thanks Phil Davies 24141923

    1. Nick 1038

      Nick 1038

      Hi Phil


      I have just done a quick search on Ancestry and have found copies of your great uncles’ Attestation forms when he enlisted from the ‘burnt pension records’.

      I wish they were all as easy as this to find!!.  They are a bit difficult to read, but send me your email address to or work email, and I’ll send them on to you.  They are about 6 MB, so it would be easier to send this way.  I'll do it over the next day or so once i have your received your email.


      Kindest regards


  2. dinkydoo


    If a face could launch a thousand ships, they must have used your head to knock the wedges out!

  3. potsy

    If a Picture paints a thousand words , then why can't I paint you ?

    Simple I was *BEEP* at art .

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  5. ironman

    can't believe I'm nearly 80, but can still remember the good times when I served.

    1. Yar


      So you should James,your only a nipper.:D

    2. spikehughes


      Hi Jim spike Hughes here nice to see you are still going strongh best wishes spike 😇

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  7. natalier1chards

    @JackoRugby speaks so much truth saying what we fans are saying #Refreshing not the the old chums act #WellDone 👏🏼

    • skinny
    • haze

    happy birthday  davem  im going to wrexam this year,  from 18   jenks  , your old  mate  tc .

  8. natalier1chards

    Woohoo have that Eddie Jones and your English Chariots 👊🏼😀 Well done Ireland 🙌🏽

  9. natalier1chards

    Cheating foggy gifts #HIA #AsIf

  10. potsy

    Turned up this morning 0800 hrs and no one was there !!!!!
    That's the last time I'm ever coming to the premature ejaculation meetings , I looked at the leaflet and it's tomorrow at 0800 hrs . Story of my life I was even born premature .

    1. Larry John

      Larry John

      All we need Is a straight jacket one ball gag for the use of and a lobotomy or has he already had  that 

  11. Cracking photo's Nick. Like I said somewhere else Salisbury is beckoning to us. Perhaps in the summer ? 🍴🍺🍷👍💂 If I am Ray please tell me where it is? LOL 😁💂
  12. Great Pics Nick Must meet again....Phil's worth a few MORE bob!!!!!!!!
  13. Mike

    The family of a young soldier who died from injuries sustained at the Somme Offensive one hundred years ago held...

  14. Thank you Ray A great day, and a pleasure to meet you and I was honoured to accept the WG memorabilia that you gave me. Have a look at the 2 pictures of when I meet up with Ray and Phi l38 about a year later. Another great lunchtime and I can’t believe it was about 7 or 8 years ago! It was a pleasure to see Phil at Dai’s day, just wish I had more time to speak to him before I went of to the Officers mess!!!!
  15. Mike

  16. natalier1chards

    @joss_scarlet @leerichards10 ha ha one step at a time 🙈😂

  17. natalier1chards

    @leerichards10 never fails to make me laugh 😂 #NoWay #NotLikeThat He is off to the grogg shop with his little helper Ben #DentInMyBank🙈

  18. natalier1chards

    Lovely break by Scott to create that try #NiceTry 👏🏼

  19. Mike

    Another wonderful supporter of the Welsh Guards Charity. Thank you Tom (y)...

  20. Mike

  21. Just as a matter of interest,a little shot of another presentation back in the days of WG On Line.You were prettier then Nick!
  22. Mike

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