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  2. not bad youself qwynfor, lol
  3. good pic skinny,, looking good old mate. [ not changed much u old bugger ] lol
  4. Yesterday
  5. I love dogs , I be sad to give him back .
  6. he as bought from a place in ross on wye , he s about 5 mounths old now , he was about 6 weeks old when they , had him .
  7. That is nice Wyndham if your lad gets anymore..spare.. dogs like that..I won't take to long to get over the bridge.
  8. your right there neil buddy ,
  9. Last week
  10. great looking dog and old dog :-)
  11. what a fantastic , dog , great mates with charlie
  12. potsy

    I hate spelling errors - you mix up two letters and your whole post is urined

  13. potsy

    When I was just a little boy I asked my mother what will I be ?  Will I be famous , will I be rich ? , here's what she said to me . No 

    1. Yar


      You like Doris then Bob?:D

    2. potsy


      K sara ,sara she was on the T.V. the moment my daughter Clair was born in the film Annie get yer gun .

  14. potsy

    My missus says I have a short attention spanners are great aren't they?.

  15. potsy

    Just received a parcel from Holland.

    When I opened it, inside it, there was a Rubber Jack and Danny.

    That's nice I thought, "Two Lips from Amsterdam".

    1. Yar


      You still Tracking this Bob?:doh:

  16. cobham166

    On This Day 3 years ago my Lovely Barbara Died in my arms Sleep well my love

    1. parrybooth



      Time heals Bill..................Stay strong my friend,     Barbara would have expected it.

    2. cobham166


      Yes I Alan thank you

  17. potsy

    Ah the Zarg commander speaketh , greetings and salutations , I have been putting away the odd zonk , for the merriment that will take place in the City of Dragons , looking forwards to the catch up . 

  18. dinkydoo


    I hope you and yours are keeping well. How's life on the planet ZOG?

  19. potsy

    I was in tesco this morning and saw a man throwing milk and cheese around. I thought how dairy

  20. Earlier
  21. jonkerdejink

    80 tomorrow,looking for another 10, at least

  22. Jenny Sayers Griffiths

    Apologies have not been on for quite awhile hope all are well. Jenny

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    2. Jenny Sayers Griffiths

      Jenny Sayers Griffiths

      He is ok will never admit to feeling bad, hope you and yours are all well. xxx

    3. Jenny Sayers Griffiths

      Jenny Sayers Griffiths

      Sorry haven't been on as my daughter has been ill this past five years but hopefully on the long slow road to getting better. xx

    4. JackJones


      Sorry to here that Jenny but I'm glad she is on the mend.  Tell Les I was asking about him.

  23. geoffrey

    Thank you for the official  Birthday

    Greeting ) 07 Davies (Canada)

    1. parrybooth



      Thank you for mentioning our Birthday Greeting............There are so many greetings that go unacknowledged and I often wonder whether the members concerned are still alive or just not bothered.

      As a former Ebbw Valeian I hope the site will hear from you more often.

      Take care young fella.


  24. potsy

    Another utterly crap birthday party at my brother's house yesterday.

    I know he's a Bomb Disposal Technician, but does it really take 4 hours to open each present?

    • parrybooth
    • chris0175

    Hi Chris,

    I am so pleased that you enjoyed your birthday greeting.

    You should  tune in more regularly, they tell me there's some superb poetry on this site.

  25. Julian Sayers, Knocker, Stuart Harris
  26. Steve Jones 98 talking to Les Peake (Dave Martin in the background (left))
  27. Billy Lyth and Alan Simcox.
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