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  2. Cracking photie Boss. 39 looking to have put on a bit of beef. But both looking well!
  3. Can't remember his first name. But known as Tennessee Williams. Barrie rings a bell though. Think I may be right!
  4. Maybe I'm wrong, but it looks much more like Tony Davies 22 !
  5. Tony Davies 22 and 39 Jones, "no toes", France, May 2017

    © Welsh Guards Reunited

  6. Dordogne region of France of Tony Jones 22 with Dave (Timber) and Jules Woods, May 2017

    © Welsh Guards Reunited

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    • parrybooth


    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TERRY..................HAVE A GREAT YEAR.................BIG 70.



      Thank you Alan 

  9. not a nice, place must admit, l remember . from my time, when the battalion did a massive exercise, there in the sixties,
    • skinny
    • Mick Pitchford

    a great  welcome to the site mick ,  once a guards man always a guardsman,    one to five, lol 

  10. AnatolyRevutsky

    Trying out @theTunnelBear so I can browse privately from my ISP

  11. potsy

    The wife was doubting my ability to fix electrical goods. 
    Well she's in for a shock

  12. This could be late 50,ss before we went to Caterham then Germany. was there for a short time just for public duties,
  13. Ben could well have been on that one Phil. Myself, Ben Casey and Steve Jennings were the last draft to join the Bn but weren't required. Ben Parry was ahead of me, prob by one squad. But did he do Duty Coy or direct to the Tailors Shop? I seem to remember this photo being bounced around F B, but can't remember if a name to the unfortunate Guardsman came up. If we know the exact Troop, check the Special Sick Book. Should be there somewhere!
  14. that was one of the troops the battalion took part in before we were posted to aden , if Tony 22 , se,s this image, he might remember it, perhaps , cheers 18 jenks , acka skinny , ,
  15. dinkydoo

    All good James, thanks for the " mail call".

    1. jimeverett


      Mail Call.... Next....

      Have a great time in Le Frances and my best wishes to 39. Tanya and I bought a caravan last year, just a two berth but excellent condition. We are touring on the GB mainland from 20 June - 29 August, travelling from Jockland down to Lands End and back to Edinburgh for my five day comedy show at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in August.


      ATB Tony, love to Beverly



    • jimeverett
    • dinkydoo

    Hi Tony

    Hope all is well with you and Beverly.

    1. dinkydoo


      Jim, All good here. Hope you and Tania are well. We are off to France on a two week tour next week. Spending a couple of nights each with no toes Jones and Jane and then, Timber Woods and Jules. We are going to Wrexham this year then spending a week in Galway Bay.

      take care mate.


  16. Paul Mahoney?
  17. Dickie Brace?
  18. great photoe , i saw steve fenwick, quiet often , when l worked in caerphilly ,
  19. what year was them , exellent photoes ,
  20. potsy

    came across Jack / John Prosser this morning at the vet , he is said that he will get on this site , I will help him by hook or crook , as he will dive in and enjoy the site .


    1. Larry John

      Larry John

      Good morning Robert 

      yes I know jack quite well but not seen or heard of him for 40 years would be nice to see him on here,still more importantly what were you

      at the vet's for old friend I very much hope that it was just for your annual checkup and nothing to serious nothing that a bob martin's or

      two could not put right keep us all in the loop Rob and you know we are all thinking of you take care mate and try not to scratch to much.



                                                                                                      Regards Larry

    • skinny
    • spikehughes

    hya splke, how u keeplng.  from 18  jenks   , skinny known as  on here,  ex 2 coy, and sig platoon ,  remember  our aden days , tc ,

    1. spikehughes


      Hi skinny yep I remember Aden very well still got some photos somewhere . Spike .

    2. skinny


      thanks  spike, il had  loads of photoe,s  some  lv,e  put into the gallery .   from  aden ,   l send loads home to m  mum  , in them days but  , all  have  disapeared,    since my mother  ,s   passing , any way tc ,  jenks,  18 ,    

  21. dinkydoo


    I think you will find they were part of the Guards Armoured Division which took part in the 

    " road rush" to Arnhem, which sadly, did not make the deadline.

    • Adenman
    • Nick 1038

    Hi Nick

    i recently visited Arnhem Military Cemetary and noticed a number of WG graves.  Just wondered what unit they were attached to and did they take part in the Market Garden airborne drop.  If you send me your email I shall sent you photos of he headstones with all the details 


    Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated 


    best wishes

    Alan Denman

    1. Nick 1038

      Nick 1038

      Hi Alan


      Sorry for the delay in responding, just got back from a weeks cruise!


      My email is, work is


      All the best



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