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  2. WGA-Darts-and-Shoot-2017-034.jpg

    Thank you my son for the fill.
  3. WGA-Darts-and-Shoot-2017-032.jpg

    bE GADS! Its Wyette Erp and his darts posse ????
  4. WGA-Darts-and-Shoot-2017-034.jpg

    "DIVE, DIVE DIVE!!!"
  5. WGA-Darts-and-Shoot-2017-033.jpg

    "Oh hell, theres another Queens shilling in here,I just hope to god I don't end up having to be a "Jamboy"??????"
  6. WGA-Darts-and-Shoot-2017-003.jpg

    AAnd all you let me have in our shared office was a typewriter and an Ashtray!
  7. WGA-Darts-and-Shoot-2017-003.jpg

    What the hell have I got here?
  8. WGA-Darts-and-Shoot-2017-011.jpg

    Well done 'H' for taking the time and trouble to call in and see the Troops. They really appreciatted it.
  9. WGA-Darts-and-Shoot-2017-023.jpg

    Where the hell am I ? Leader 2nd Mechanised.
  10. WGA-Darts-and-Shoot-2017-036.jpg

    Honest Sir, it wasn't me, it was " that bloke".
  11. WGA-Darts-and-Shoot-2017-038.jpg

    The Three " must have beers".
  12. WGA-Darts-and-Shoot-2017-033.jpg

    Keep going, keep going, keep going, hey, leave a drop for us!
  13. WGA-Darts-and-Shoot-2017-034.jpg

    Ok, we're going in deep!
  14. WGA-Darts-and-Shoot-2017-026.jpg

    thank,s to tony and all the lads, and martin, for all the hard work he did, making it a great day, cheer,s all , jenks ,
  15. WGA-Darts-and-Shoot-2017-026.jpg

    it was la great honour, to receive. the award,
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