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  2. Welsh Guardsman, ST James' Palace 1965

    could be me with that turned up nose,
  3. Welsh Guards, St James Palace 1965

    Sorry Wyndham that can't you mate that young man is carrying an S.L.R. and not a crossbow
  4. Welsh Guards, St James Palace 1965

    l thing that was me on the right, for sig platoon H,Q, coy ,
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  6. Sgts Mess Group

    One of the 2 Pioneer Sgt's 39 Robert's was the other one but he's not in the photo.😀💂
    • skinny
    • richard39

    hya Richard, how are you buddy,  haven,t  seen you on banter lately.   ,from skinny ,   

  7. Sgts Mess Group

    Great characters on that photo 👍👏👏👍 Bill Northwood taught me to drive in Gort Bks area 1961-62, In a pig, 😂 Happy days
  8. Sgts Mess Group

    tony great photoe,
  9. Sgts Mess Group

    Fagan Fry the old pioneer Sgt middle row. Great group.
  10. Sgts Mess Group

    Another one from Roger Parry. ID'd so far (sic) Ginger Williams, Black Wack, Becket, Griffiths, Ray Winston, Bill Northwood and Gazang.
    • skinny
    • dinkydoo

    tony  some of the history  of my fathers in the regiment  , in the great war, regarding  cap badges,     as you know   , soldiers  were recruted  from other regiments  also,    my father  was in   the Rhonda rifles,  first then transfered   into the battalion,   so  my  oldes brother,    talked  to me about him   ,     before he passed on ,   tc  

    • skinny
    • dinkydoo

    cheers tony  ,  thats very kind of you ,  it won,t be long for  the darts and shoot out  this year ,  like you said   it,s a great day out ,    hope you and bev have a lovely  holiday  break ,   and all  ok in your new   bungalow ,   tc both  ,      lets hope  we have a nice summer this year ,   and come the blue birds,   still  in with agreat   chance to go up  ,   se you soon , cymru am byth ,  

  11. Unknown BAOR

    Great Days with some great men Tony. I hope you are well Sir. Best wishes. Phil.
  12. Unknown BAOR

    Now there’s a name from the past, 700 Williams,
  13. Sgts in Waiting

    You’re right Tony. Great basketball player and a nice guy 👍🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿👍
  14. Sgts in Waiting

    Yes, Graham Pugh from Swansea. Great basketball player. Ended up as WO 2 recruiting in Wales.
  15. Sgts in Waiting

    Two Sgts in waiting in Caterham. The taller man is Bill Bryant and the fb community think the other lad is called Pugh? Photo posted by Phil Bryant who is Bill's son.
  16. Unknown BAOR

    Great days Phil, lots of laughs. I shall never forget the day he dropped "Pierre the Gatt" in his office, with me and 700 Williams stood beside him. We bailed out of his office like a shot.
  17. Unknown BAOR

    Didn't see this before I posted the same message! 34 would have been in 8 Coy when we were all there Tony, 38 , Black Whack and too many more to mention.
  18. Unknown BAOR

    You Haf been warned Jack!
  19. dinkydoo

    Wyndham, you should be ok for a lift down and back to Maindy this year.

    • skinny
    • Dave Fisher

    hya dave,  no not this year  dave,    it,s been a busy year, for us  , but  nether mind ill be at the darts in maindy   ,  later on this year ,    l hope u have a great time  ,      ok buddy , tc . 

    1. Dave Fisher

      Dave Fisher

      Hello Wyndham.  Very sorry you cant make Wrexham this year. You will be missed,  If there is anything I can do to help you mate,   please give me a call any time. I hope to be in Cardiff this year. Look after your self.

                                             Best Wishes


    2. skinny


      cheers dave ,

    3. Keith Smith

      Keith Smith

      Aw Wyndham Mate, Going to Miss you at Wrexham.

      But your health must come first, Hopefully  I'll  see 

      you in Cardiff. you take care Buddy.



  20. Unknown BAOR

  21. Unknown BAOR

    You beat me to it 22. You Haff Been Warned. 👍😀💂
  22. Unknown BAOR

    Jack, That is Bill Ellcock and John Jones 34.
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