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    Myself and 3 Argentine Soldiers, Ex.( P.O.W.) whom I helped for a number of years set up a Veterans Organisation in Argentina. On Friday 9th March 2018 Julio Aro, (left), is being presented with an Award from the International Red Cross at the Embassy in London. Beverley and I are invited to the lunch. They are great friends and we are so looking forward to seeing them.
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    image.jpeg Dai Rice funeral

    Beverley Davies, Nic. Rogers, Jarman, (Young Knock), Knocker, 22, Brian and Ann Aveyard. Alf Cunningham was also present but missed the " photo shoot". a good sendoff for Ninian and his family were delighted.
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    35th Commemoration Service at the Falklands Chapel Pangbourne.

    35th Commemoration Service at the Falklands Chapel Pangbourne. 11/06/17. Rear Row. Dawkins, 52 Owen, Hurley, Liversage, Simcox, Hibbert, Beynon.Seated. 22 Davies. Robert Mason.

    © Welsh Guards Reunited

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    Phil Williams38

    Ray and I.

    Ray and I at the NI Veteran's gathering in London on 14th April 17. ??
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    LSgt Andy Brinkworth

    Taken from the 1985 Regimental Magazine
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    Tony Davies 22 and 39 Jones, "no toes"

    Tony Davies 22 and 39 Jones, "no toes", France, May 2017

    © Welsh Guards Reunited

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    made sure i found it in the guards chapel today

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    image 60 Jones birthday cake

    Cake made by my daughter for my 80th birthday on the 30 December
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    Beardmore DG

    Douglas George Beardmore

    My father Douglas George Beardmore 1948 - 1953 served with the Welsh Guards passed away June 10th 2017
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    Allan Rogers

    Guards Depot Pace stick team circa 1968

    Circa 1968, Guards Depot Pace Stick Team at the Annual Depot v Sandhurst event. The Depot won. Taffs. C/ Sgts Bill Hawker, 83 Roberts,( Potsy and Dave Roberts 69 dad). 22 Davies. Others of Note, Commandant, Colonel Ghika, Irish Guards. Adjutant Capt. Hobbs, Grenadier. The RSM, John Holbrook, (The Blade). Perry Mason, later Garrisson Sergeant Major prior to Billy. CSMs Grenadiers, Stan Holloway and Cheyenne Walker.
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