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      The youngest of the Household Division Regiments, coming into existence as recently as 26th February 1915, the Welsh Guards already has a proud history and can boast over 40 Battle Honours and two Victoria Cross recipients. Today as much as ever, 1st Battalion Welsh Guards takes its place amongst the finest Regiments in the British Army, whether excelling on Ceremonial Duties or on Operational Deployment, their performance and professionalism is, as always second to none. The Battalion’s recent Operational Tour in Afghanistan, during what was the bloodiest summer of the campaign to date, will go into Welsh Guards history as a time when the supreme sacrifice was made by so many brave Welsh Guardsmen - they will not be forgotten.


      Welsh Guards Reunited enables past, present and future members of our fine Regiment, their families, friends, relatives and visitors, to continue to enjoy the camaraderie of the Welsh Guards wherever they may be in the World. The sense of belonging that we have all known, of friendships fostered through adversity and shared experiences in times of difficulty can all be replicated through the pages of Welsh Guards Reunited. Old friendships can be rekindled and new friendships bonded. The friends lost many years ago, found through the pages of our extensive membership database, with the thousands of pictures in our galleries reigniting a memory somewhere long forgotten.


      Our membership, spanning several generations, provides a wealth of personal knowledge and experience, not only as serving soldiers, but as Spouses, Mothers and Fathers of serving soldiers also. Our members have served in many theatres around the globe, whether on operations, exercise or static postings, they have been there, lived it and done it and can pass these experiences on. Whether answering a question from a general enquiry, putting a worried mind at ease, or offering practical assistance, the Welsh Guards family is reborn with Welsh Guards Reunited.


      Our on-site historians, working in their own free time, provide a superb research service and have helped countless people trace the service of their ancestors. You will find we have an active WG Events Calendar providing the details of all known WG events and many more besides. So whether you are planning a reunion, holding an event or wishing to simply attend an event, have a look through the WG Events Calendar first. We fully support our members that are active in organising and attending fund raising activities throughout Wales.


      Many Welsh Guards Reunited members are staunch members of both the Welsh Guards Association and Welsh Guards Reunited, enjoying the camaraderie afforded locally by belonging to a geographical Welsh Guards Association Branch, whilst also enjoying the wider, national and international camaraderie offered by belonging to Welsh Guards Reunited. Both compliment each other perfectly and Welsh Guards Reunited encourages this.


      As a visitor to the Welsh Guards Reunited Website, it is assumed that you are either serving in the Welsh Guards or have served in the Welsh Guards at some time, have a family member who has served in the Welsh Guards or are just interested in finding out more about what makes this great Regiment tick. You are all welcome. Whether you visit the site often or only occasionally, a warm welcome will always await you.


      You will never be alone once a member of Welsh Guards Reunited

      Once a Welsh Guardsman always a Welsh Guardsman


      Cymru Am Byth”
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      hi think I remember you from Sharjah I`ll send a pic (I`m the one on the left)

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      How are you mate?
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      Hi Robert RQMS Dai Davies RHG 02074143290 and a Thursday in December  for a pint would be nice if you please ????
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