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  3. Tony Fundell

    Tony Fundell

    Thanks to Sgt in waiting for your Birthday Wishes. Yes another year has passed and I'm thankful to still be here and in good health. Enjoyed St David's Day in Brecon. The Jam Boys did us proud but then we always did our best. Was it my imagination or are they all getting bigger now?b6pDLOhvEc5tanBrf1spZ4oZAB9BtdCLcKOUBzAFj5MgELqd7SrL94GFlWYeBp274Y-dt4uNx1LXJWddRvvyt_GG8gEVzJ8bxu-c1Yc9752J4uxGcZn_0DtL99TwyIfDh6BMsUApSAa6ngTtfHuBZqdGLK99wLWaDL5ecMrhKOtfg2H9gqZgE_HV-CL4Dh8bcl5gjCNJqd3ZL9Kvk1GJSsNt8a2QFVibHq3bEHhd6qLJydwQEy3HhJ8ueyEINEOncjpdWSiQqrtKFLkAjs9pvgrVq2VF5O-bXr9AqntqQj7WUpryu48XEXRqvQIeFNDTqPPTgtOQfVOW-ntGiTjJzE-mVO5h7KJKqmH6CbHzRbWEyYRHir78oaVzpXiPCo2YsJRE4BFWW2gMf7ahIqhlZweGOqJdmiu1A66cap80anqb6_AjpFe6426OR3udeJp0McaulR1eqyzwJOtX_-ZEIAdIo15GIjNXF3WTyxmKKKYXR0x6V3ucctUIbFoudUxq-9IvVss25w7fbTs_mNAgqnzYl5jV0u6_8V59aSd84tXKz5spGCPxUd6ueOp-HOGyYoIGGimmmf903HF4UHs9H-CF1G15nMhZvf5m4TcufjCD3YbSzKa6rxqia-7SaXtSQjqTV061qG8XudkXUaLSQonkqOGiJhk=w675-h899-no

  4. JackJones

    D lines 1980

    Top and Tail? I started off in D Lines 8 Coy block opp the Guard Room. I stepped off from D Lines in the rear Party in 1980. What goes around?
  5. Ninety Two

    D lines 1980

    Mike What happened in D Lines, stays in D Lines 😂😂
  6. PhilWright

    D lines 1980

    You have got to give credit to the MOD in making available such creative living quarters🤣 My first visit was in 1977. I went to Pirbright a couple of years ago for St. David's Day and the bloody things are still there😂
  7. 18, jenks

    D lines 1980

    It was great after light,s out . Expecialy when . you had to go out to the , shiiiii, house , for a short while, to have a fag , lol
  8. 18, jenks

    D lines 1980

    Our floors were more Shiny ,and u would nether se clothes hanking on the end of your bed, always in the wooden Wardrope next to your bed, Sgt Banister , And Noppy dry would make sure of that , lo,
  9. 18, jenks

    • 18, jenks
    • cobham166

    Cheers bill:thumb::thumb:

  10. 18, jenks

    • 18, jenks
    • cobham166

    l forgot  A very Happy Birthday  last week Bill   tc buddy .:thumb:

  11. 18, jenks

    • 18, jenks
    • cobham166

    Hya bill all ok .  got back last night  from Weston  ,   had a lovely quiet  time the weather was very windy every day , what  a great win by wales yesterday,  and what a Great  Manager, we will Miss him when he moves on ,  While we were away   had two of the Bedrooms  Decorated , lol  tc  buddy ,

  12. 18lewis


    me and Dennis in my grandsons christening 3yrs ago.
  13. Keith Smith

    • Keith Smith
    • Browne73

    Hello Martin, Just a line to say thank you so much for obtaining

    permission for me to use the WG Crest on a Fleece i am purchasing

    from Nick. I hope your Keeping well

    Fondest Regards


    1. Browne73


      No problem Keith 👍

  14. parrybooth

    • parrybooth
    • cobham166

    Have a great year Bill...............HAPPY BIRTHDAY...

  15. daibrad

    • daibrad
    • 18lewis

    hi pete

    so sorry to here about Dennis that's a shock. Are you in Merthyr or away ill go around Normans to let him know

    let me now when the funeral is see if I con bring Norman but he s not that mobile himself. Keep in touch Pete

  16. Jones39

    • Jones39
    • 81 Roberts

    my wife found some info some years age believe he"s a estate agent in cardiff area?

  17. Larry John

    • Larry John
    • Ninety Two

    Hi Mal sorry late getting back been doing a spot if painting but thank you for the tickets.

                                                             Regards Larry💂‍♂️

  18. 18, jenks

    • 18, jenks
    • dinkydoo

    hello  Tony  , yes l will look out   for Sid   ,ok buddy , tc 

  19. 1015 wilson

    • 1015 wilson
    • Allan Rogers

    Hi Alan

    Do you know where I can get a Welsh Guards dressing gown from. I`ve seen one on the gallery worn by a member but cant remember who,now I cant find the pic.

    Cheers mate

  20. potsy


    A big thank you to my neighbour for lending me that large sheet of plastic covering.

    Ta Pauline.


    1. parrybooth


      Why ?...............Where did you leave you clothes Bob?

  21. potsy


    Thank You Bill 

  22. cobham166

    • cobham166
    • potsy

    Happy Birthday Potsy

  23. PhilWright

    LSgt Andy Brinkworth

    Andy and I go back some years. Innocent face,.Pull up a sandbag 😂
  24. parrybooth

    LSgt Andy Brinkworth

    I served (And sang) with his dad Cyril............Many years ago.
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