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  2. Welsh Veterans Awards. What a great team of guys. Loved their company, really made the night, and the “ shots” after.🥃🥃🥃
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    • Larry John

    Hi Larry, are you still ok for Wrexham, can you remind me of your address

  5. Jakehayler1993

    • Jakehayler1993
    • Nick 1038

    Hi there Im In search of my father who served in the welsh guards and was based at Pirbright barracks in 1992, the only I have on him is this and that his name was Jason is there any thing you can suggest to help me ? 

    1. rodney


      That service number seems wrong. It should start 24 or even 25 I think.

    2. Nick 1038

      Nick 1038

      I agree Rodders, 


      Jake, can you give me a number I can phone you on?



  6. 81 Roberts

    • 81 Roberts
    • Evans 09

    did u know a lad from 2 coy from beaumaris called the vulture ? i think he went to the mt from 2 coy ? hes died but i dont know his proper name.

  7. rodney

    • rodney
    • Harvey Evans

    Hey Harvey, how’s you doing?


    1. Harvey Evans

      Harvey Evans

      Hello Rodney all is good my friend.  Just been watching Falklands perspective from Tv programme from Sunday night.  Some powerful stories told from the heart which they never disclosed to anyone until this documentary.  

  8. Evans 09


    Only know 2 in there Steve Gelly and Spider Webb rest are unknown to me lol
  9. Potsy 31


    Brothers from other mothers
  10. rodney

    • rodney
    • debbie kellaway

    Hi Debbie, your Dads name has just come up in conversation in our Banter Box and someone mentioned that he lived somewhere near me. I live in Rhydowen/Pontsian,  halfway between Lampeter and Newcastle Emlyn. Is he anywhere near here?




    Paul ( Rodders ) Rosser

  11. Emrys82


    Nice one lads🥃🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿💂‍♀️
  12. Good turnout well done👍
  13. What a turnout in Cardiff 8th June. Family, friends, Veterans. Brilliant morning.
  14. Potsy, Kev. Webber, Jim Price, Larry John. A great group of friends.
  15. 18, jenks


  16. This was on the front cover of a holiday brochure in a travel agents in Auckland
  17. 18, jenks

    • 18, jenks
    • dinkydoo

    Tony  that will be great   , i’ll be there  tc :salute: 

    1. 18, jenks

      18, jenks

      Sandbank   on the 17,th  

  18. 18, jenks

    • 18, jenks
    • Dave Fisher

    hya  dave  hope all ok ,do you know how to get in touch ,with  Bish  ,  :)

    1. 18, jenks

      18, jenks


    2. Dave Fisher

      Dave Fisher

      Sorry Wynn i dont know. i will try and find out for you.

  19. 81 Roberts

    81 Roberts

    BUBBLES !!!!

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    2. 81 Roberts

      81 Roberts

      yes im still daft as a brush !!! what part of the usa are you ? any chance of a cheap holiday to visit you over there ?

    3. Evans 09

      Evans 09

      Not in USA I'm in Canada on an Island east coast its call Prince Edward Island and it's 13 km from Mainland Canada and it cost me $60 to leave the island every time we want to go on mainland.  That dose not happen much 


      Just to go to moncton in NB 100 miles away for just round trip in car only cost on furl and toll is near $230 that not including shopping . So tend to stay on the island and take a fly holiday away 

    4. 81 Roberts

      81 Roberts

      do you recall a lad from 2 coy from beaumaris called vulture ? i think he might have gone to the mt from 2 coy ? hes died but i only know him as vulture ?  stay safe matey.

  20. 18, jenks

    • 18, jenks
    • Dave Fisher

    hya dave hope all ok up there, me and some members had covic, all seems ok now ,  lookin forward to Wrexham.    and  meeting up   lvl also been busy  here tc buddy  

    1. Dave Fisher

      Dave Fisher

      Hi Wyndham. Good to hear from you. I did send you a message on your phone. Keith has been very ill, waiting to go back into hospital to sort out his breathing. Hope Caroline is ok. xxx.  the place you live in is it number 83. Looking forward to having a beer with at Wrexham. Take care my good friend.

    2. 18, jenks

      18, jenks

      hya dave  sorry tohere about keith  all that mining  he did many years ago  ,when you older then it starts l get that problem  as well ,heart by pass ok,    breathing chest pains if l Rush things,  must be Angina again Doctors said  i use a pump under my tonge  when required,Carolina’s Covic bad ok now also her sister and nearly all  my family  ,my door number is no,  38 ,,you tc now dave buddy 


    • rodney

    Happy birthday Rodders, have a great day 

  22. Phil Williams38

    APC drivers course Borden 1983.

    I did a 432 course in Borden but a bit earlier than this it was to get ready to go to Munster. Bill Hawker (RIP) was my instructor. 👍😷💂‍♂️
  23. Evans 09

    APC drivers course Borden 1983.

    I to the right of him is his name Coulthard your old man
  24. Evans 09


    Photo I colored few yrs back nicely done
  25. Larry John

    • Larry John

    hi Terry can you please give me a bell cheers




      Hi Larry, tried ringing you, but the number I have got say not recognised, have you changed your number


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