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  2. dinkydoo


    Well done all who supported this fitting tribute.
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  4. Phil Atwell

    • Phil Atwell
    • VT Williams

    Happy Birthday Viv.  I hope you are well and have a great day.  Best wishes, Phil.


  5. Yar

    • Yar
    • Phil Williams38

    Next  door neighbours has contracted the virus and the family who we were with last night are now self isolating.I.m 

    coughing well so better be safe than sorry Phil....Scrub the meet 

    All regards Ray.    

    1. Phil Williams38

      Phil Williams38

      Thanks for letting us know Ray. What a pain in the backside as looking forward to the RV. 


      Really hope you don't get the bug please as best you can STAY SAFE. 


      Phil and Angie 😟😢😷💂‍♂️ 

  6. dinkydoo

    • dinkydoo
    • Alan Bennett

    A great picture of the “ Bennett Boys”. Lovely family, knew all three of them well. Hope you are keeping well Alan, your old boss. 22

  7. 81 Roberts


    yes l/cpl frog no finger, 32 phillips next to him cassagrandy mt me 71 debbie . unknown ,vaughn jones, shankland, drag arce, bernie.
  8. lew81


    Well 81 can recognise most of them. Thats not swampfrog far left though is it? Lew 81.
  9. superswan


    Feels like a life time ago.
  10. 18, jenks

    • 18, jenks
    • parrybooth

    Hello  Alan  l Didn,t  know u live in the Ledbury  area ..l worked on A farm  not far from u many years ago,  Capt lngelby  , in a place called Puddleston,  not far from  Leominster   ,     tc Buddy ,

  11. 18, jenks

    • 18, jenks
    • dinkydoo

    hya,tony.sir  watch  tv  bbc  there’s a Genleman  on there Having is Garden done by a well know tv Gardener  u might know the Gentle man,,  he was in the Falklands  , he had is  Arm   Blown off ,,,hope u don.t mind me  telling  tc  Buddy ,

  12. Phil Atwell

    • Phil Atwell
    • dinkydoo

    Happy Birthday Tony (Sir).  I hope you are both well and have a great Day.  Best wishes and fond memories, Phil.

    1. dinkydoo


      Thankyou Phil, hope you and yours are keeping well. Always nice to hear from you. Take care.


    2. Phil Atwell

      Phil Atwell

      You too Sir.  Take care of yourselves.  Best wishes, Phil.

  13. Phil Atwell

    • Phil Atwell
    • andy

    Happy Birthday Andy.  I hope you have a great Day.  Best wishes, Phil.


  14. 81 Roberts


    71 GRIFF 3 COY WEDDING 1982 R.I.P BUDDY !!!
  15. Larry John

    • Larry John
    • flicker

    hi Paul Don't no if you had it on your phone but deposit paid 

                                       Regards Larry stay safe:drink:

    1. flicker


      got it mate 

    2. Larry John

      Larry John

      ok all the best take care Larry

  16. rodney


    It’s really good to know that you are well and thriving. Stay safe
  17. superswan


    P.S. One of my patients In Warlingham was ex Spurs manager, used to talk a lot about great players he managed.
  18. superswan


    Lived in a lot of places , back in the UK now, look after yourself Rodney, stay safe! p.s. you have a cool picture with that helmet, remember I got dressed up like a yank in Berlin and got roasted for it?
  19. rodney


    That was 30 years ago. Where are you now and what are you up to
  20. superswan


    I remember from my time there police escorting prisoners to the reception area and standing looking around and appearing more apprehensive than the people they were dropping off!
  21. rodney


    Great photo . Did the men in white coats lend you the coat for the snapshot?
  22. superswan


    Warlingham Park Hospital 1990.
  23. dinkydoo


    Many happy Dennis, sorry I missed this earlier. I am sure a few “ Bows” will be the order of the day.👍🍺🍺🍺

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