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  2. Jones39

    • Jones39
    • 81 Roberts

    my wife found some info some years age believe he"s a estate agent in cardiff area?

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  5. Larry John

    • Larry John
    • Ninety Two

    Hi Mal sorry late getting back been doing a spot if painting but thank you for the tickets.

                                                             Regards Larry💂‍♂️

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  7. 18, jenks

    • 18, jenks
    • dinkydoo

    hello  Tony  , yes l will look out   for Sid   ,ok buddy , tc 

  8. 1015 wilson

    • 1015 wilson
    • Allan Rogers

    Hi Alan

    Do you know where I can get a Welsh Guards dressing gown from. I`ve seen one on the gallery worn by a member but cant remember who,now I cant find the pic.

    Cheers mate

  9. potsy


    A big thank you to my neighbour for lending me that large sheet of plastic covering.

    Ta Pauline.


    1. parrybooth


      Why ?...............Where did you leave you clothes Bob?

  10. potsy


    Thank You Bill 

  11. cobham166

    • cobham166
    • potsy

    Happy Birthday Potsy

  12. PhilWright

    LSgt Andy Brinkworth

    Andy and I go back some years. Innocent face,.Pull up a sandbag 😂
  13. parrybooth

    LSgt Andy Brinkworth

    I served (And sang) with his dad Cyril............Many years ago.
  14. mgdavies57

    LSgt Andy Brinkworth

    I know him, used to give a good haircut !!✂️😉
  15. Des

    • Des
    • dinkydoo

    I wonder if I am the last of 3 company that served in Palestine 1945/47?


  16. 18, jenks

    • 18, jenks
    • Tracker

    Happy new yearRobert, and all my freinds in Australia,  Victoria, Dandenong,   and many more  tc 

  17. 18, jenks

    Meeting up

    Merry christmas , lads, Don,t forget , Dai,s day next year , it would be great to meet up again
  18. Brinkster

    pontypridd Branch Christmas get together

    Normally he has a pint in each hand, he is slacking, get a grip Larry.
  19. Peter Czaja

    pontypridd Branch Christmas get together

    Not Trained Soldier Cunningham !
  20. Larry John

    pontypridd Branch Christmas get together

    yes jack very silly, guy on the left of Dicky is Al Cunningham
  21. JackJones

    Meeting up

    L to R Billy Kelly, Mal (RIP), Arnold Brassey, Jack Traynor, Jon McGuiness and the other lad. Some of the many Welsh Guardsman recruited from Wallasey and Birkenhead when both places where in Cheshire. Now they are in Merseyside so they are in an Irish Guards area. @18, jenks
  22. JackJones

    pontypridd Branch Christmas get together

    In other news Larry. Someone asked on facebook how come every picture of you, has you holding a pint in one hand? silly question really?
  23. JackJones

    pontypridd Branch Christmas get together

    Thanks Larry. I thought that was him sat on Dickies left? course I remember Dewis, idris (and George ducks) and that crew from Abercynon.
  24. Larry John

    pontypridd Branch Christmas get together

    Sorry to have to inform you Jack but good old Punchy Morgan was not there but Stan sock's far left with the benefit stick was Dewis I'm sure you would have remembered him
  25. Scarlet Jack

    pontypridd Branch Christmas get together

    Dicky is in the Wheelchair
  26. 1015 wilson

    pontypridd Branch Christmas get together

    I remember Dicky Mint which one is he in the pic
  27. JackJones

    pontypridd Branch Christmas get together

    Dick 'mint' Jones, Rod 'punchy' Morgan, Neil Chamberlain, Idiris Williams and others at the Ponty Christmas get together organsed by Chris Seldon. photo by John 'Jazz' Jarman.
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