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  2. rodney


    It’s really good to know that you are well and thriving. Stay safe
  3. superswan


    P.S. One of my patients In Warlingham was ex Spurs manager, used to talk a lot about great players he managed.
  4. superswan


    Lived in a lot of places both UK and abroad, look after yourself Rodney, stay safe! p.s. you have a cool picture with that helmet, remember I got dressed up like a yank in Berlin and got roasted for it?
  5. rodney


    That was 30 years ago. Where are you now and what are you up to
  6. superswan


    Yes I had them fooled, I slipped out of the secure unit when they were on their break, got their coat from the locker, took the picture then returned without anyone noticing. On a more serious note I remember from my time there police escorting prisoners to the reception area and standing there looking around and appearing more apprehensive than the people they were dropping off!
  7. rodney


    Great photo . Did the men in white coats lend you the coat for the snapshot?
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  9. superswan


    Warlingham Park Hospital 1990.
  10. dinkydoo


    Many happy Dennis, sorry I missed this earlier. I am sure a few “ Bows” will be the order of the day.👍🍺🍺🍺

  11. VT Williams

    • VT Williams
    • silver fox

    52 i hope you are keeping safe and sound, best wishes,Viv. 

  12. hicks9436

    Happy Valley, Episkopi, Cyprus.

    Awesome fridge well done mate Bessbrook mill a distant memory but great times.
  13. billythered

    The National Arboretum

    The Regimental Cap Badges were taken from Chelsea Barracks and positioned in Battle Order, on the railings, which were used to replicate the railings in London of Buckingham Palace, St. James's Palace, Wellington and Chelsea Barracks. The stone laid on the ground and surrounding the monument were acquired from Quarries in England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. There is also a walk way from the main drag, through a number of trees, evenly spaced, on either side of the walk way, which have red foliage. To represent the Mall and Street Lining.
  14. billythered

    Engraving on GSM Billy Mott's wrist watch

    I hadn't seen this post on the site before. I'm so grateful to everyone who contributed to this wonderful presentation piece. Something I wear regularly, whether there's a need to dress up or not. I love my time piece and it constantly has me reflecting on times gone by and those many great men, who I class as my friends. Who I have had the honour to serve along side in such a magnificent regiment.
  15. dinkydoo


    Happy birthday Stan, the best Bass Drummer the Corps of Drums ever had. Great job at his collection at the Museum and his team. Cardiff boy, he and I have been great mates since the early sixties.👍

  16. I liked jack . Great man , God bless Him 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿
  17. dinkydoo


    Happy birthday Mark. My old Batman. Great guy.


  18. Potsy 31

    • Potsy 31
    • Emrys82

    Hi Em , 

                 How and where did you book your covid test Mate 

  19. Great man Jack R.I.P. mate
  20. Potsy 31

    • Potsy 31
    • clivemorgan

    Happy Birthday Swamp Frog , enjoy your Day :drinks:

  21. 18, jenks

    • 18, jenks
    • gwynfor15

    hya Gwynfor ,  yes l think  it,s all gone Daft  my view , l hope Doesn’t,t  Inclute  Captain Cooks  Statue  Nd His Cottage in Melbourne  ,  me and my wife  Visited that Cottage a few times when we  were there , tc Buddy , 

  22. dinkydoo


    Many happy returns Charlie. Fond memories of our younger days. Hope you still got that Cap Badge I redesigned for you😂😂😂😂😂

  23. dinkydoo


    Many happy returns to young Knocker. A great guy and supporter not only to his dad but to all of us as well. Have a good one, you deserve it.


  24. dinkydoo

    • dinkydoo
    • andychittock

    Andy, many happy returns.

    best wishes


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