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  2. 18, jenks

    old passport 1969

    Me and my Caroline, left The u.k. , on a thursday night from Heathrow, Airport, And l Started work on the Monday, for General Motors , Dandenong , Victoria ,
  3. dinkydoo


    Ray I was asked by RHQ for a draft copy so who knows? It was also videoed. Hope you are keeping well.
  4. Yesterday
  5. Ray Smith 79


    Tony, maybe your address could be printed somewhere for those that didn't attend on Remembrance Sunday.
  6. Robert Thomas


    I spoke to a gent yesterday that was at the this service and he said it was the most moving thing he had ever attended. He was a member of a Grand Order, who have a connection with the Guards chapel,
  7. Last week
  8. Brinkster


    What an honour, no-one more deserving of such an accolade Sir.
  9. What an honour to be bestowed upon you .
  10. Proper job young Tony.Great credit to you.
  11. dinkydoo


    Remembrance Sunday at the Guards Chapel. What a tremendous experience. Never to be forgotten.
  12. dinkydoo


    Jan Koops Beverley and I Remembrance Sunday. Great day amongst lots of friends.
  13. Larry John

    • Larry John
    • rodney

    Hello Rodney where were you yesterday hope nothing happened is all ok.


                                                        Regards Larry

    1. rodney


      Was there with Cappa Hogg and Gary Proctor. Couldn't find you afterwards. Hoppy met up with us afterwards as well in the Goat

  14. Dave


    Members of the 68 Sharjah Platoon laying a wreath at the town hall Llanelli for those that didn't come back from all conflicts.
  15. rodney

    • rodney
    • parrybooth

    Morning Alan, I would like another set of coins please. Can’t find the link to order them :(


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    2. rodney


      Brilliant Alan. Thank you very much


    3. parrybooth




      Package posted..........First Class............Please tell all our friends about the quality, value and service.

    4. rodney


      Coins arrived safely in the post today Alan, thank you very much


  16. Earlier
  17. Brinkster


    Hahaha Army 100 next Tony.
  18. dinkydoo


    Of course Ray, what else would I get! Hope you are well mate.
  19. Ray Smith 79


    I don't remember the seated supported position. Is that a .22 , 22 ?
  20. bishbabe007


    is that potsy at the front door? - let him in love I,m ready !
  21. Phil Williams38

    Windsor Castle 2006

    Thanks Martin. 👍😀💂
  22. Nothing like keeping your eye in
  23. Browne73

    Windsor Castle 2006

    @Phil Williams38 He served from 15 Oct 43 until 1 Jan 75 and died, aged 74, on 24 June 1998
  24. 18, jenks


    well , done tony
  25. Phil Williams38

    Windsor Castle 2006

    Just out of curiosity does anyone know the exact date Bobby (AKA Saga) retired and also the year of his passing. I know he was at one time the Caretaker of The Winston Churchill School in Knapp Hill. 😀💂
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