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Phil Williams38


39 minutes ago, simo said:

33 on the left, who are the other two.

In the middle one of the Parry brothers (38 Derek) know the RHM but blowed if I can remember his name? 🤔😟💂‍♂️

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I was RHM on that parade, we had a few rehearsals at the Olympic stadium but we only marched a few hundred yards.  On the actual parade the first time we did a "Change Arms" the yanks nearly shit themselves :)

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22 hours ago, Brinkster said:

Our very own Rodney behind Derek Parry 😂 pick any one.

Very observant of you Andy :) you’re eyesight isn’t failing yet

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looks like Tommy joneson the Right my Signal   ,  corporal, from our Aden  Campains  ,

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Trust me fellars, it is 6”, Edwards the pioneer Sgt. First name escapes me, his wife was Wendy.

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