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    Myself and 3 Argentine Soldiers, Ex.( P.O.W.) whom I helped for a number of years set up a Veterans Organisation in Argentina. On Friday 9th March 2018 Julio Aro, (left), is being presented with an Award from the International Red Cross at the Embassy in London. Beverley and I are invited to the lunch. They are great friends and we are so looking forward to seeing them.
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    image.jpeg Dai Rice funeral

    Beverley Davies, Nic. Rogers, Jarman, (Young Knock), Knocker, 22, Brian and Ann Aveyard. Alf Cunningham was also present but missed the " photo shoot". a good sendoff for Ninian and his family were delighted.
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    35th Commemoration Service at the Falklands Chapel Pangbourne.

    35th Commemoration Service at the Falklands Chapel Pangbourne. 11/06/17. Rear Row. Dawkins, 52 Owen, Hurley, Liversage, Simcox, Hibbert, Beynon.Seated. 22 Davies. Robert Mason.

    © Welsh Guards Reunited

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    Phil Williams38

    Ray and I.

    Ray and I at the NI Veteran's gathering in London on 14th April 17. ??
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    LSgt Andy Brinkworth

    Taken from the 1985 Regimental Magazine
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    Tony Davies 22 and 39 Jones, "no toes"

    Tony Davies 22 and 39 Jones, "no toes", France, May 2017

    © Welsh Guards Reunited

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    made sure i found it in the guards chapel today

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    image 60 Jones birthday cake

    Cake made by my daughter for my 80th birthday on the 30 December
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