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    Met Mark Cooling by chance at Atlantic Hotel Porthcawl yesterday.
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    Ninety Two

    D lines 1980

    Mike What happened in D Lines, stays in D Lines 😂😂
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    HILL 75

    Mrs Valerie Hill, wife of Roy Hill RBL Norfolk County 2

    On the 16th September Mrs Valerie Hill, wife of Roy Hill RBL Norfolk County Parade Marshal, was presented with a Certificate of Merit from the Norfolk County Royal British Legion, in recognition of her dedication, service and hard work within the County of Norfolk. Following this at the Branch AGM on 16th October Valerie retired as Chairman of the Branch, after over twenty-two years. At this meeting she was presented with a fifty-year Poppy Badge by the Branch President, Sprowston Town Council Chairman Mr Ian Moncur, on behalf of the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal. Valerie, as Poppy Organiser for 23ys in Sprowston raised in excess of £255,000. It was an emotional 'send off' but Valerie thanked all members for their support and camaraderie and wished her successor, James Hodgins all good wishes for the future, in keeping with the standards of the Sprowston Branch initiated in 1937.
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    Allan Rogers

    Tony Davies And Bill Elcock

    Tony and Bill had a reunion in Yorkshire, if you add both of these gentlemen's service in the Welsh Guards it will be over 50 years for sure. They both did ok
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