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  1. dinkydoo


    My members Polo shirt, Life Membership card compliments of Gwynfor, ( President), what an honour.
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  2. dinkydoo


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  3. dinkydoo


    Myself and 3 Argentine Soldiers, Ex.( P.O.W.) whom I helped for a number of years set up a Veterans Organisation in Argentina. On Friday 9th March 2018 Julio Aro, (left), is being presented with an Award from the International Red Cross at the Embassy in London. Beverley and I are invited to the lunch. They are great friends and we are so looking forward to seeing them.
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  4. dinkydoo


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  5. dinkydoo


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  6. JackJones

    The object of the excercise

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  7. dinkydoo

    image.jpeg Dai Rice funeral

    Beverley Davies, Nic. Rogers, Jarman, (Young Knock), Knocker, 22, Brian and Ann Aveyard. Alf Cunningham was also present but missed the " photo shoot". a good sendoff for Ninian and his family were delighted.
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  8. dinkydoo

    35th Commemoration Service at the Falklands Chapel Pangbourne.

    35th Commemoration Service at the Falklands Chapel Pangbourne. 11/06/17. Rear Row. Dawkins, 52 Owen, Hurley, Liversage, Simcox, Hibbert, Beynon.Seated. 22 Davies. Robert Mason.

    © Welsh Guards Reunited

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  9. Phil Williams38

    Ray and I.

    Ray and I at the NI Veteran's gathering in London on 14th April 17. ??
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  10. Allan Rogers

    Guards Depot Pace stick team circa 1968

    Circa 1968, Guards Depot Pace Stick Team at the Annual Depot v Sandhurst event. The Depot won. Taffs. C/ Sgts Bill Hawker, 83 Roberts,( Potsy and Dave Roberts 69 dad). 22 Davies. Others of Note, Commandant, Colonel Ghika, Irish Guards. Adjutant Capt. Hobbs, Grenadier. The RSM, John Holbrook, (The Blade). Perry Mason, later Garrisson Sergeant Major prior to Billy. CSMs Grenadiers, Stan Holloway and Cheyenne Walker.
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  11. Rob92

    Rob92 (myself ) 2013

    Enjoying old age .. smiles
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  12. dinkydoo


    Guards Chapel Kneelers
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  13. kev collett (memmet)

    Happy Valley, Episkopi, Cyprus.

    Episkopi Station Commander, Lt Col Mark Cooling, Episkopi Station CQMS, Kev Collett. Remembrance Day 2014 Happy Valley, Cyprus.
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  14. dinkydoo


    Rod still waiting for you to call.
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  15. Dave


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  16. dinkydoo


    Here Ray
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  17. Browne73

    RSM's 100th Anniversary Dinner - Pirbright 25 February 2015

    RSM's 100th Anniversary Dinner - Pirbright 25 February 2015 Rear Row, L-R; Brian Baldwin (RSM Sep 11 - Mar 13), Alun Bowen (RSM Aug 05 - Apr 07), Adrian Davies 86 (RSM Feb 02 - Jan 04), Mark Cooling (RSM Mar 00 - Jan 02), Darren Pridmore (RSM Mar 07 - Apr 08), Paul Dunn (RSM (Des) Mar 15) Front Row L-R: Keith Oultram (RSM Oct 96 - Jun 98), Ray Evans 87 (RSM Jun 83 - Apr 85), Martin Topps (RSM Mar 13 - Mar 15), Tony Davies 22 (RSM Aug 80 - Jun 83), Malcolm Evans 84 (RSM Jun 88 - Mar 90), Martyn Miles (RSM Jun 98 - Mar 00)
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  18. Browne73

    LSgt Andy Brinkworth

    Taken from the 1985 Regimental Magazine
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  19. Kevin


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  20. Allan Rogers

    Tony Davies And Bill Elcock

    Tony and Bill had a reunion in Yorkshire, if you add both of these gentlemen's service in the Welsh Guards it will be over 50 years for sure. They both did ok
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  21. dinkydoo

    Tony Davies 22 and 39 Jones, "no toes"

    Tony Davies 22 and 39 Jones, "no toes", France, May 2017

    © Welsh Guards Reunited

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  22. flicker

    made sure i found it in the guards chapel today

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  23. george

    image 60 Jones birthday cake

    Cake made by my daughter for my 80th birthday on the 30 December
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  24. cashman

    PTI Staff Guards Depot 1959

    Photograph óf my father Colin, also in the photograph is L/Sgt Dennis Brady, who recently passed away.
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  25. Mike

    Wellington Barracks Sgt's Mess 1997

    Left to right: Ian Rogers, Bob Griffiths, Mike Cummins, Maldwyn Jones
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  26. Keith Smith


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  27. Scotty

    SAM 1571

    scotty with l/sgt luke langley.lovely man with a lovely family.
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  28. Timber Woods

    50 Years in the making

    L to R. David Woods John Harding. 17th September 2013. After a break of 50 years, two members of L/Sgt Pridham's first Guards Depot squad, met for lunch in a French restaurant whilst John and his wife Pat were on holiday. John Harding and David Woods joined the Depot in December 1962.
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  29. GrahamL

    Guards Depot Staff

    Guards Depot staff 1984 I think. Sgt George extreme left, Sgt Larman Extreme right, LSgt Willoughby 3rd row back third in from the left. I can see Kim Burnell and Kojak (RIP) at the back. Loads of well known personalities in here from all Regiments.
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  30. Mike

    Lyn Browne, Holly, Toni Cummins

    Last time we met up was 2009, had a very enjoyable evening.
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  31. Timber Woods

    AGM of the Spanish Enclave of WGR Branch

    L to R: David Woods, Julie Woods, Martin Browne, Lyn Browne. Enjoying lunch in the Wok Chinese restaurant, Vera, Spain.
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  32. The Knock

    Warminster Sch. of Inf. Sgts. Mess Ball.

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  33. The Knock

    Bill (Sledge) as we all knew him! RIP.

    Bill (Sledge) as we all knew him! RIP.
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  34. mal

    Alan Turner Me & Jack Trainer.

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  35. Gwynfor15

    vp day 2011

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  36. spikehughes

    L/Sgt Sherrat's Squad

    L/Sgt Sherrat's Squad 1962
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  37. Potsy 31


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  38. Browne73

    WGA - Aberdare Branch - What Year and Who

    This photo, having been found elsewhere on the www was copied to the WGR Facebook Group. A great photo and some of the faces are easily recognizable, but can you fill in the blanks? Left to Right: Rear Row; ??? - ??? - ??? - Lt Col D C Macdonald-Milner - ??? - Lt Col CFB Stephens - Maj Bill Phelps, -??? Front Row; Col VG Wallace, Maj WD Gibson, Col Spencer-Smith, FM Lord Guthrie
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  39. Tony Davies 22, Chalky White, Derek Taylor (DOM), Em Pridham, Tony Bowen. St. David's Day 1985.Hohone, West Germany
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  40. NicR


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  41. MILLY


    8 Company - Spring 1974
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  42. NicR


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  43. Mike

    Tony Davies 22 & Dave Woods - Presidents Annual Lunch Canterbury

    Lunchtime today in Canterbury, 6th October 2015
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  44. Mike

    20 Jun 2015

    L-R: Dennis "Knocker" Knowles, Phil Wright, Phil Moore, Martin Browne, Mark "Beans" Davies 57
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  45. Mike

    New Memorial to The Welsh in the Ypres Salient

    New Memorial to The Welsh in the Ypres Salient. Unveiled yesterday, Saturday 16th August. Welsh Guards were well represented, 22, Simon Weston, Jimmy Salmon and a small contingent from the Battalion present. A very memorable day and now it stands just outside Langemark, near Artillery Wood Cemetery, where lie several Welsh Guardsman killed in July 1917 at the 3rd Battle of Ypres, ( Pashcendale).
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  46. Mike

    Happy Couple

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  47. richard39

    IMG 20140603 115410

    Rhondda Welsh Guards 1955

    © David Owen

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  48. Timber Woods

    AGM again

    L to R: David Woods, Julie Woods, Martin Browne, Lyn Browne.
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  49. mal

    Memorial plaque.

    This is the Memorial Plaque that the North of England Branch plan to lay at the Birkenhead Hamilton Square Cenotaph early next month. Arnold (Arnie) Brassey is the person that that made this all possible, he applied for planning permission, and did all the form filling , and correspondence with the planning department. He also worked with the stone mason that made the plaque. So I would like to take this opportunity to thank Arnie for all the hard work that he took on.
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