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    Ninety Two

    D lines 1980

    Mike What happened in D Lines, stays in D Lines 😂😂
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    18, jenks

    Gort Barracks 1960

    Don,t forget over fifty Y ago . tc 51
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    Yep it's a sheep
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    Your ranch will probably stretch into the next valley or two. Hope you and Jen are keeping well.
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    me and Dennis in my grandsons christening 3yrs ago.
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    The Knock

    35th Commemoration Service at the Falklands Chapel Pangbourne.

    Bob Mason was my boss so to speak. As Sigs. Sgt in Bn. HQ and him as Adjt, he was always next to me and my radio. After being stuck in that minefield, the word came back to stand up and walk in the footsteps of the man in front of you. After helping me up, he stepped off in his Prince of Wales's pace, prob a full pace of 30"! I shouted "For F...k sake, step shorter!" At that he turned round and replied "No problem, but you forgot to add Sir!" At that, he just gave a chuckle. Fair play, he often asked me if all was OK. Quite often shared his brew too....and always laced with a drop of the hard stuff. Remember Monty too. Totally off his trolley!
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    David Woods

    Ray and I.

    Respect....Thank you for representing WGR.
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    18, jenks

    In the box!

    The jimmy i knew nether smiled, lol
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    RSM's 100th Anniversary Dinner - Pirbright 25 February 2015

    Cheers Tony, I've captioned the picture now so any of the names will come up in a search.
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    Yeh but can you dance Keith?
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    18, jenks


    at home ready to leave for cardiff
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