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Cardiff City FC Community Foundation

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The Cardiff City FC Foundation have teamed up with the Royal British Legion to create a Veteran's Project, designed to use the power of Cardiff City FC to engage with socially isolated retired and ex-armed forces personnel or those at risk of becoming lonely in and around Cardiff. 


The project backs into the Welsh Government's national strategy to develop a coherent, holistic and long-term response to loneliness and social isolation in Wales. 


Working closely with the Sporting Memories Foundation, Cardiff City FC Community Foundation are also developing sporting and military reminiscence materials that will be used to support those suffering from dementia, as well as working to up-skill and train members of the group and wider community to deliver reminiscence activities. 


Wales has one of the largest proportions of veterans in the UK with 7% of all veterans currently living here. Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan has a veterans population of around 27,320 and 8% suffer with mental health issues including depression and anxiety.


The project, funded via a grant from the Royal British Legion, seeks to focus on these key issues and provide structure and support that allows veterans to come together, have fun and take part in a range of new activities led by their interests that target physical and mental activities.


Call in to Cardiff City FC for free tea and toast, every Wednesday morning between 10am and 12.00 noon for a friendly and informal chat with other veterans who have benefited from the project, we hope you see you there...


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