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    • richard39

    hya richard   out yor name down for   dai,s day , on thursday      1st, of march ,   the bus will be leaving  from  mainty barracks   ,  early on that day ,,,,   you will enjoy the day out    at brecon     tc 

    • skinny
    • Keith Smith

    hya keith, hope all goes well  ,  buddy ,   lm not sure  abiut going to dai,s  day in brecon, also.    but if l do  i  will  have a couple of pints for you , tc both     

    1. Keith Smith

      Keith Smith

      You Look After yourself as well mate, Regards to Caroline.

    • MAGGS
    • simo

    Hi Simo hope you and your family are all well in work at the moment will cache up  late on Maggsy 

    1. simo


      Bloody hell Maggsy,   How are you,  We bought a smallholding in mid wales between Newtown and Welshpool. this is our 8th year now.  The last 5 years me and Billy Lyth have been attending the Falklands get together in Wrexham,  good pesh up.   

      What work do you do, I think the last time we spoke you was at the BBC.


      Was looking for some old pics yesterday and came across one of you ,me and craven sitting at a table down the lido in Aden.    so it that a coincidence or what..with you getting in touch.


      Not sure if it was Dave Fisher or Wyndhan Jenkins who said they were in hospital with you, having a bypass.??


      Will never forget the time when you said you were saving up for a bottom draw, I asked what have you got, you said a birdcage.

  3. HIs royal highness prince phillip, was there, also he came into the mess room , during the dinner celerbration,s he wen,t around all the lads and talked to us l remember ,
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    • Keith Smith
    • Rhian Hughes

    Welcome to this fantastic site Rhian. but why are you  a member

    and not Kevin.

  5. Great to hear that Tony 👍, Barts in good form he’s finding it strange getting use to the quiet West Wales way of life, 😂👍
  6. Nice one Nic, good to see Bart again, hope you got him on board??? On a much lighter note, Bev. and I are looking to move west this year. House on the Market, looking around Abergavenny and Monmouth. Lookout, Lookout.
  7. looking good nic , hay nic have u a young phewpew, who works in security , l wonder
  8. HAHA. How about West Wales hair stylist 😱🤣🤣🤣
  9. You really need to come up with some better titles for these pics Nic?
    • potsy
    • drob0169

    1c9gwz.jpg.30bbc633c098fd29fecea29c499a362d.jpgAll the Best for 2018

    1. Yar


      And the same to you Potsy and ALL on this website.:thumb:

    • skinny
    • cobham166

    lm ok bil  thanks  very much ,  tc buddy ,

  10. Scan0016.jpg

  11. Scan0016.jpg

    Thanks Phil, I knew it was Black something !!
    • skinny
    • gwynfor15

    hya  gwynfor  ,imm  ok thank,s   big shock loosing my oldest brother,   thank,buddy  , hope u have a great   new year ,,, tc god bless v,cymru am byth ,  

    • skinny
    • neil_r

    hya neil ,   happy  , will there be  a bus  layed  on , for the  dai,s  day   in  2018,   From  maindy barracks,  like it have  been on previous   years ,    cheers  buddy hope u have a great  new year ,   

  12. Scan0016.jpg

    CQMS is Bill (Black Flash) Hawker. 😀👍💂
  13. Scan0016.jpg

    Yup, spot on Jack, it was a bit chaotic for a while, but good old Mike B sorted it all out :). I must admit, it was much better when the Juniors were separate from the adults, better organised, and much more variety besides drill and weapons - me and 28 took our platoon to see the Battle of Waterloo battle field, very interesting, a few days away in Belgium did us all the world of good ! Far from the madding drill square.....
  14. Scan0016.jpg

    It was around the time of the big change Alan. In 71/72 8 Coy was the recruit Coy. But then they created "Caterham Coy" for all adult recruits and the old 8 Coy and K Coy and so on became what had been the old Junior Gdsm wing.
  15. Scan0016.jpg

    Well, it was 8 company, but by then (1973/74) it had mostly Juniors, and the odd Oswestry recruit as well. I'm seated 5th from the right front row. Front row 4th from right is Parry Taylor (RIP), full bloke 2nd to my left is Steve Fry (top man), CQMS on Major Richardson's right is Black Jack (I think). CSM Mike Butler(RIP) next to the CO. From the left - (?), Dai Williams 33, Scotty, 28 John Davies, Alan Denman , Larry John, Eddie the frog (RIP). 2nd row from left Junior RSM Mike George (1st Junior RSM of the Guards Depot....and in my squad, ahem), next to him Paul Lloyd - good rugby centre, played for us in the depot along with Mike George, Parry Taylor and John Davies. Lot of good guys in this photo, can't recognise most of them due to memory block, and the photo's a bit blurry (and no, I haven't been drinking !)
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