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  2. Diolch Keith👍, it was a pleasure to attend the parade on Remembrance Day. Such a good turn out 👏👏
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    The Plaque Reads, In Memory Of Welsh Guardsmen From Llanelli and Carmarthenshire Who Lost Their Lives In The Defence Of Their Country.
  4. i will get in touch with Alan Cunningham and post the wording underneath the Plaque . But it’s in memory of All Welsh Guardmen who have paid the Ultimate Price, from the Llanelli Branch. Will be in touch soon 👍
  5. E42C0E64-29DB-4E32-9EF8-03908C7EBBAB.jpeg

    That's the Welsh Guards Memorial at the town hall in my home town Llanelli.
  6. Sorry Nic. I cant read this and I dont understand the title?
  7. Earlier
    • skinny
    • sgt bartram

    hya sgt, nice to here from , tc buddy ,:ukflag:

  8. Not sure of the names , Alan is going to Tag them for me 👍
  9. Isnt the standard bearer the lad who was featured by the RBL in their 2016 campaign?
  10. Yes made very welcome by Alan and his members 👍, hopefully he’s going to put names to faces for me 👍
  11. IMG_0070.JPG

    Does anyone remember, when we were on standby, for Rhodesia, from salerno barracks, little aden ,
  12. IMG_0070.JPG

    look,s like aden, but l might be wrong,, i
  13. Well done Nic, good turnout by the Llanelli Branch.
    • Des
    • sgt bartram

    Hey Ron do we know each other?




    • Des
    • sgt bartram

    I'm here just rejoined after many years. I have in California for 64yrs. I am age 91. I am just trying to figure my way around here. I see two photos of me I posted years ago. Thanks for contacting me, Des

    • Des
    • Browne73

    Just rejoined and wondered if there any guys here my age? I have lived in California for 64yrs. I bet there are but are they on here. I am age 91



    • richard39
    • neil_r

    neil      thank  you  for  sending  photos    regards   Richard   taylor

  14. geronimo

    Seem to have 2 names, also known as Fevvers, don't know how this happened.

    • 51morris
    • spikehughes

    Were you in the signal pltn late fifties ?


    1. spikehughes


       No I was in the mortar plt .

    2. 51morris


      OK, not the Spike I was thinking of, have a good one.


    • Larry John
    • neil_r

    Hi Neil

    all the times we have attended St David's day the association has provided a coach from Maindy barracks to convey members to wherever the Bn were as B K is no longer around and using the chain of command so to speak and this has not been mentioned to date am I jumping the gun and things are in hand or is it not it would be a pity if this facility was withdrawn if I remember rightly we paid £5 Per person to help with the cost of the coach., this is done on a first come first served basis with numbers and vehicle registration for parking within Maindy barracks through branch secretaries then would forwarded on to B K but now it would be you or Mal but perhaps Martin could help as he his based in Cardiff but this would only be so should a coach be provided.


                                                                           Regards Larry

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    2. neil_r


      Larry, no reprimand intended, in fact I was laughing too much to type properly.  There is a lot to do, and to be very honest the records and SOPs are not well documented, so any prompts and advice are most welcome.


    3. Browne73


      My response was tongue in cheek Larry, absolutely no upset or offence taken in anything whatsoever (don't think you could upset me if you wanted to :P)


      I never shared an office with BK and probably only met him about ten times since I've been in the job (since January) and then probably for a maximum of 2 hours each time and as you quite rightly say he was not particularly forthcoming with information and this event is no different!   


      Mal & Neil have their work cut out, with no handover (or notes) whatsoever and very little "on record" stuff to refer to, they have a mountain to climb which will be made all the more easier with the support of all of us and the wider WGA.


      But, with the recce yesterday and decisions now made and two top men (Mal & Neil) steering the WGA ship, I am pretty sure St David's Day in Brecon next year will be an event not to be missed (and pretty sure there will be a coach from Cardiff :wavegif:)



    4. Keith Smith

      Keith Smith

      That's the  Spirit, Onwards and Upwards. and lets make it as Martin said an event not to be missed:salute:

    • neil_r
    • Nick 1038

    Nick, whilst going through the AGA office in Cardiff yesterday I came across a CD from the CWGC with 2 spreadsheets giving the name number cause of death, cemetery and plot details for all WG WW1 & 2 casualties buried in Commonwealth war graves.  I though they may be useful to you.  Do you want me to send them to you?


    Kind rgards



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    2. Alan Speake

      Alan Speake

      Hello Jenks good to hear from you.


      Can you, or anyone else please put me on the route to a Wreath for Sunday? IF possible please?

      Kind Regards!


    3. neil_r


      @Browne73  Martin?

    4. Browne73


      @Alan Speake I will be in Maindy tomorrow morning around 11am if that is any good to you? Or I can leave a wreath for you at the guard kiosk to collect at a later time?  Brian Keane never mentioned anything about wreaths.



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