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  3. 1015 wilson

    • 1015 wilson
    • arthur500

    hi think I remember you from Sharjah I`ll send a pic (I`m the one on the left)


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  5. 24220014

    • 24220014
    • ivorgwilym

    Ivor, Bob Smith past away last week mate

  6. Kevin


    Wolfgang is on move again 😀
  7. jasper

    • jasper
    • ivorgwilym

    good to talk to you on the phone,sat nite,look forward to catching up with you old soldier.....jasper

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  9. PhilWright

    • PhilWright
    • Lloyd 28


    How are you mate?

    Hope all is well with you?

    Recently met up with some of the guys whom filled me in on what you had done until going underground🙂


    Best Regards



  10. The Cardiff City FC Foundation have teamed up with the Royal British Legion to create a Veteran's Project, designed to use the power of Cardiff City FC to engage with socially isolated retired and ex-armed forces personnel or those at risk of becoming lonely in and around Cardiff. The project backs into the Welsh Government's national strategy to develop a coherent, holistic and long-term response to loneliness and social isolation in Wales. Working closely with the Sporting Memories Foundation, Cardiff City FC Community Foundation are also developing sporting and military reminiscence materials that will be used to support those suffering from dementia, as well as working to up-skill and train members of the group and wider community to deliver reminiscence activities. Wales has one of the largest proportions of veterans in the UK with 7% of all veterans currently living here. Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan has a veterans population of around 27,320 and 8% suffer with mental health issues including depression and anxiety. The project, funded via a grant from the Royal British Legion, seeks to focus on these key issues and provide structure and support that allows veterans to come together, have fun and take part in a range of new activities led by their interests that target physical and mental activities. Call in to Cardiff City FC for free tea and toast, every Wednesday morning between 10am and 12.00 noon for a friendly and informal chat with other veterans who have benefited from the project, we hope you see you there... More information...
  11. Larry John

    • Larry John
    • potsy

    Hi Robert RQMS Dai Davies RHG 02074143290 and a Thursday in December  for a pint would be nice if you please ????

  12. 1015 wilson

    • 1015 wilson
    • Phil Atwell

    Hi Phil don't know if you remember me I was in 3 coy and 2 I think (age thing) Weren`t you from Llanelli ?

    Lot of names I know on here. Only just heard of John Harmans passing he was a nice guy. Have been in touch with Richard Cassagrand and Alan (sas) Denman. Richards not to sharp had a stroke but recovering ok Alans now retired from Windsor castle and living in Newport though I don't think he`s on this site. Do you know how I can find out what companies I was in, let me know if you can.


  13. 1015 wilson

    • 1015 wilson
    • JackJones

    Hi Jack don't know what company you were in, I was in no 3. Served with Moondog and various others.

    Only just learned of John Harmans passing, lovely guy. Do you know where he lived

    1. JackJones


      'fraid I dont mate. somewhere in the south east I thiink?

  14. Sgt in Waiting

    • Sgt in Waiting
    • Stephen Smee

    Happy Birthday Stephen Smee!

  15. Sgt in Waiting

    • Sgt in Waiting
    • welshpat

    Happy Birthday welshpat!

  16. Sgt in Waiting

    • Sgt in Waiting
    • YoungWakers92

    Happy Birthday YoungWakers92!

  17. Sgt in Waiting

    • Sgt in Waiting
    • Crab004

    Happy Birthday Crab004!

  18. Sgt in Waiting

    • Sgt in Waiting
    • Spike

    Happy Birthday Spike!

  19. Sgt in Waiting

    • Sgt in Waiting
    • Dave Fisher

    Happy Birthday Dave Fisher!

    1. cobham166


      :happybday:   Hope You Have A Fantastic Day.And Have Many Holes  In One


  20. Sgt in Waiting

    • Sgt in Waiting
    • alec

    Happy Birthday alec!

  21. Sgt in Waiting

    • Sgt in Waiting
    • Tony Brown

    Happy Birthday Tony Brown!

  22. Nick 1038


    Respect Phil, nice one (not the right words, but you know what i mean!)
  23. Sgt in Waiting

    • Sgt in Waiting
    • gren2

    Happy Birthday gren2!

  24. Sgt in Waiting

    • Sgt in Waiting
    • paul anderson

    Happy Birthday paul anderson!

  25. Sgt in Waiting

    • Sgt in Waiting
    • woody20

    Happy Birthday woody20!

  26. 18, jenks

    • 18, jenks
    • haze

    Hello  ,old buddy,  hope you  are ok , Perhap,s  one  day we,ll  meet up,   lm going  to St, david’s in  March,  2019,  to be held in Brecon, Weather  permitted  , tc  ,

  27. Phil Williams38


    Visited the National Memorial Aboretum today and placed this Cross for the Welsh Guards.💂🏼‍♂️
  28. Phil Williams38


    Visited the National Memorial Aboretum today and placed this Cross for the Welsh Guards 💂🏼‍♂️
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