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  2. 18, jenks

    David Jones, Jimmy James and friend in Aden

    There were Some very good Swimmers, in our Battalion , l Remember, our Swimming team , beat 45 commandos, in Swimming , at Little Aden Swimming Pool,
  3. 51morris

    David Jones, Jimmy James and friend in Aden

    Skull, was my CSM in POW Coy at Gort Bks and Jesse was a Drill CSM same time, both great guys.
  4. 18, jenks

    David Jones, Jimmy James and friend in Aden

    I Remember, Jessie one Time when we were in Aden ,. our Corps and Drums , Did Beat the Retreat , down in , khormasker. near Steamer point, After the parade, on our way back to Salerno Barracks , In our Battalion Bus , We were provoked, by , by the 45=commandos, who were in the Next Vehicle Following , us , Jessie stopped our Bus ,and got out. and Had Words with who was in charge ,off them . They Soon shut up . l Remember .
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  6. 18, jenks

    Ric Rees after Jungle Patrol in 1978...

    Great photos Ric , just woke up it looks like
  7. 18, jenks

    • 18, jenks
    • cobham166

    hya Bill  how are you buddy ,

  8. Jones6894

    • Jones6894
    • Phil Williams38

    Hey Phil, are you attending the lunch in Cardiff if you can ghet tickets


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    2. Jones6894


      Right, thought I'd ask. You coming over for Mick Somersets funeral on the  31st.


    3. Phil Williams38

      Phil Williams38

      No can't as will be up North visiting family and friends.

      Ray (Dusty) Smith is. 😀💂

    4. Jones6894




  9. parrybooth

    • parrybooth



    Have a great year Sunshine....................HAPPY BIRTHDAY...



      Thanks Alan

  10. 18, jenks

    • 18, jenks
    • Kenneth Williams

    l worked  the New   , drift  Trelewis. For the last  for and a half   years  , after  l was Transfered  , from Bedwas deep  mine ,   l was one  of the face  Deputies , and development , the Records  Show we broke  all  Records ,      and the men  were one of the highest  Bonus ,  paid,,6  cut,s  on Average  every day , and  when  driving  new faces , wither the Dosco,   in both  Roads,  Records were Broken ,    looking  at the photos above ,  Reminds of when  l worked on  the face , as a boy  ,   deep  Mining we had to be  Aware of  Methane  Cas,     At the drift   Black damp.    that’s why  the Safety  lamp wascCalled Eccles,  In deep Mining   we used The Carfor   lamp ,  it was a lot Smaller  , 

  11. 18, jenks

    • 18, jenks
    • cobham166

    hya  bill ,my oldest   brother ,s  Son Doing   good  in Bristol, he has Been Appolnted  Chairman, of the  Children  Charity, In Bristol, 

  12. Phil Williams38


    Hopefully the weather is good in June look forward to sitting out there with a brew. 👍😀💂
  13. dinkydoo


    Your ranch will probably stretch into the next valley or two. Hope you and Jen are keeping well.
  14. Brinkster


    Wow, and I thought I had a lot of grass to cut, I hope you’ve got a ride on mower 😂😂😂 Beautiful place T, Dave is right, you guys deserve it, take care.
  15. Dave Fisher


    Hi Tony and Bev. You have a lovely place, and great views, you both deserve it, Take care.
  16. 18, jenks


    hya tony , lovely and Beaut home for you and Beth , great views tc buddy
  17. Tony Fundell

    Tony Fundell

    Thanks to Sgt in waiting for your Birthday Wishes. Yes another year has passed and I'm thankful to still be here and in good health. Enjoyed St David's Day in Brecon. The Jam Boys did us proud but then we always did our best. Was it my imagination or are they all getting bigger now?b6pDLOhvEc5tanBrf1spZ4oZAB9BtdCLcKOUBzAFj5MgELqd7SrL94GFlWYeBp274Y-dt4uNx1LXJWddRvvyt_GG8gEVzJ8bxu-c1Yc9752J4uxGcZn_0DtL99TwyIfDh6BMsUApSAa6ngTtfHuBZqdGLK99wLWaDL5ecMrhKOtfg2H9gqZgE_HV-CL4Dh8bcl5gjCNJqd3ZL9Kvk1GJSsNt8a2QFVibHq3bEHhd6qLJydwQEy3HhJ8ueyEINEOncjpdWSiQqrtKFLkAjs9pvgrVq2VF5O-bXr9AqntqQj7WUpryu48XEXRqvQIeFNDTqPPTgtOQfVOW-ntGiTjJzE-mVO5h7KJKqmH6CbHzRbWEyYRHir78oaVzpXiPCo2YsJRE4BFWW2gMf7ahIqhlZweGOqJdmiu1A66cap80anqb6_AjpFe6426OR3udeJp0McaulR1eqyzwJOtX_-ZEIAdIo15GIjNXF3WTyxmKKKYXR0x6V3ucctUIbFoudUxq-9IvVss25w7fbTs_mNAgqnzYl5jV0u6_8V59aSd84tXKz5spGCPxUd6ueOp-HOGyYoIGGimmmf903HF4UHs9H-CF1G15nMhZvf5m4TcufjCD3YbSzKa6rxqia-7SaXtSQjqTV061qG8XudkXUaLSQonkqOGiJhk=w675-h899-no

  18. JackJones

    D lines 1980

    Top and Tail? I started off in D Lines 8 Coy block opp the Guard Room. I stepped off from D Lines in the rear Party in 1980. What goes around?
  19. Ninety Two

    D lines 1980

    Mike What happened in D Lines, stays in D Lines 😂😂
  20. PhilWright

    D lines 1980

    You have got to give credit to the MOD in making available such creative living quarters🤣 My first visit was in 1977. I went to Pirbright a couple of years ago for St. David's Day and the bloody things are still there😂
  21. 18, jenks

    D lines 1980

    It was great after light,s out . Expecialy when . you had to go out to the , shiiiii, house , for a short while, to have a fag , lol
  22. 18, jenks

    D lines 1980

    Our floors were more Shiny ,and u would nether se clothes hanking on the end of your bed, always in the wooden Wardrope next to your bed, Sgt Banister , And Noppy dry would make sure of that , lo,
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